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Gatteo Mare Summer Village

Animation as in a tourist village

An entertainment service that includes the whole of the city, with many free events for the whole family and enjoyable activities on the beaches and in the streets of Gatteo Mare.

Keyword: fun!

All operators of Gatteo Mare offer their energies and their skills to achieve together your best vacation in the Riviera Romagnola, organizing fun activities during the whole day, ideal for the whole family.

During the summer Gatteo Mare turns into a real tourist village , and is so that name was chosen, the Gatteo Mare Summer Village

Of day game and evening shows

In Gatteo Sea, during the day you are having fun on the beach with games and activities for children, baby dance for children, water aerobics classes, exciting tournaments of beach volley and beach tennis, team games of all sorts and dance groups are able to move even the most lazy minds.

In the evening the city transforms into a festive village with lights and colors and with the shows of street artists, ideal for the enjoyment of the whole family!

As in the family

We stayed for a week at the splendid hotel. Nice reception and very friendly and kind staff. Excellent location, varied food and always nice, the rooms, clean and tidy, the bathroom and the animation of Gatteo!(...)


Check out the upcoming events in Gatteo Mare Summer Village

The summer is a succession of events, parties and concerts that liven up every corner of the city, from the beach to the historic centre and Gatteo Mare is not for this less. You can not really prevent those moments of pure fun and also to Gatteo Mare every week there is an event at which follow or precede other activities. Find out which events are scheduled to Gatteo a Mare Village, and choose your favorite, get organized with your travel companions to events or the beach for those evening and night and get involved in the organization of the Gatteo Sea Village.

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